Pet Projects

There are projects I created for myself but released to the public. They’ve got users, so I tend to them.


json-gate is a library for node.js that I wrote for my server. It stands guard at the front line, shielding against the world. When I began writing it I didn’t know about json schemas. I’ve seen a similar model in mongoose and I liked it. Later I buffed my code up so it covered most of the then-proposed standard and released it to npm. The only PR I did for it was an answer in stack overflow and a mention in Robert Schultz’s blog. I compete against JSV, which has seniority but is 30 times slower and probably supports more features. But whatever’s out there, no one can compete against my awesome documentation!


unity completions is a sublime text package that offers autocomplete for all Unity functions and classes. This is my first measurable contribution to the Unity community. There was BooMessenger as well some time ago, but I can’t tell how many people used it. I don’t suppose a lot. Anyway, this time I’ve got metrics! It’s been out less than 3 weeks at the time of writing, so not much data, but by now it’s been downloaded around 10 times a day with no visible inclination. I haven’t invested in PR yet, so people are probably searching for this.

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